Mouse Problem in Abbotsford

Are you experiencing sleeplessness due to exasperating noises at night? Have you recently been seeing disgusting “black rice” (mouse droppings) around your house? If you answered yes to both of those questions, you might just be about to face or are already facing a huge mouse problem.

Do I Have A Mouse Problem?

Loads of evident animal droppings, irritable scratching noises all through the night and from hollow spaces such as walls and attics, gnawed furniture, plastic, and materials like shoes, and the most important and obvious one, sightings of one or more mice in your house are all signs of a mouse infestation.

While these heinous creatures might be beneficial to the environment and the ecosystem, it is still a terrible nuisance to have them roaming around your house and making it into their territory. After all, they did set up camp at your humble abode because they found suitable living conditions and easy, consistent availability of food in the first place.

This is why you need to contact mouse control Abbotsford ASAP before things get out of hand and the mice end up causing some serious harm.

How Dangerous Is A Mouse Problem?

Now, what Abbotsford Mouse Removal needs you to know, is that if not controlled soon, a mouse infestation can leave you to face terrible consequences.

These consequences include:

  • Mice chewing on electrical wires and products; creating fatal risks of fire hazards.
  • They carry diseases, their urine can spread diseases. Especially since they are known for spreading deadly diseases such as The Great Black Plague, Salmonella, and the Hantavirus.
  • They can contaminate food with the feces they might leave behind in the kitchen, or on or near the food in your house, and through the revolting parasites, they carry.
  • They ruin and destroy your home’s structures by constantly scratching, gnawing, chewing, and creating nests wherever they find suitable.
  • They build their nests from soft materials in your house. Mice will use shoes, clothes, books, shredded paper, and essentially any soft material to build their nests, hence, damaging more of your property.

Therefore, seek out professional help from exterminators the moment you see a mouse in your house, especially during day time, or notice any other signs mentioned above. The reason seeing a mouse during the day is a serious thing is because mice are barely active during the day; they only come out at night. So, seeing one during the day would mean that, unfortunately, there are way too many mice in your house, (particularly since they multiply quickly too).

Why Do I Have A Mouse Problem?

Mice are animals that are constantly looking for places where they can find food and shelter. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your house is unclean if a mouse infestation arises, but it mostly is the case. Unsanitary locations attract mice.

Other than that, easy openings and access points also encourage them to barge into your home as if it’s their own. Cracks in the foundation, windows, roof, or doors; all are easy places for a mouse to enter through. They need very little space to enter.

They also feel welcomed if they see any garbage, food, or water sources lying around your house. Bird feeders or your pet’s food and water bowls are also viable factors for mice to infest your house. Remember, the more unsanitary, the more the risk of a mouse infestation.

If the need arises, Abbotsford Mouse Removal will surely and effectively get rid of the mice in your house, but you shouldn’t have to go through the struggle in the first place. Here are a few prevention methods to keep mice away:

  1. Look for any cracks or outdoor openings in your house and seal them off for good with cement, steel wool, and caulk, or metal sheeting.
  2. Place traps in the fireplace, on the roof, and in the attic.
  3. Seal off garbage containers and clean them out every other day. Don’t leave leftovers out in the open overnight and don’t keep pet food and water bowls in the open either. The rats will either be attracted to them or can contaminate them and sicken your pet if they get to it.
  4. Apply peppermint oil to the corners of your doors, windows, roof, and attic. It has a strong scent, one that is quite famous for repelling mice – they hate it.

How to Get Rid of My Mouse Problem?

Peppermint oil, fabric softener sheets, vinegar water, mice poison; all are common ways used by numerous civilians to get rid of mice. However, they might not always prove to be effective. You can end up hurting yourself or damaging your property. Even if it works, the mice might still come back.

To get rid of these annoying, creepy crawlers once and for all, getting in touch with highly trained professionals such as those at mouse control Abbotsford instantly.

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