Ant Pest Control for Your Home

Ant pest control feels like throwing a boomerang. They keep creeping back regardless of your effort. To completely control an ant problem in your home, you need to come up with an effective plan, or simply contact a pest control North Vancouver service, provider.

How to banish ants from your home

In instance whereby you are dealing with a widespread ant infestation, the chances are that they have a nest in your backyard, often underground. Raiding parties are sent out to search for food nearby. They access your home through the tiny crack in your walls, small fissures in window frames, under doors, and even crack in the foundation.

Once they find a source of food, they send word back to their colony seeking reinforcements to take this food back to their nest. Spilled sugar or even a drop of soda makes a scrumptious meal for the ants. Unfortunately, making your house ant-proof is next to impossible. However, you can make it less attractive to ants by cleaning all spills, getting rid of unused foods, and disposing of your garbage immediately.

Some ant species will even build their nests in your home especially in hot climate. Such ants include the stinging ants and those that release a foul odor. Other ant species such as the pharaoh ants, crazy ants, carpenter ants, and pavement ants are also known to build their colonies indoor. These ants can be a source of great menace and damage to your home’s furniture and wood foundation.

Using repellents or deterrent pesticides will only help to control worker or scout ants searching for meals or new settling space. Once they discover that your home is a good source of food, repellents will not give lasting solutions. As you will soon find out, it takes a lot for ants to get discouraged. The ultimate solution to an ant infestation is destroying their nest and killing the queen in the process. Once you eliminate the queen, the ants will disperse and die.

The surefire way to kill the queen ant and wipe out the colony is by using baits. However, baits can be tricky in that it is not supposed to kill the worker ants instantly. Instead, you want them to carry the poisoned food back to their hideout where the queen can access it. You can make your bait by missing sugar, borax when by the sugar will attract the ants, and they will not detect the presence of borax, which wipes out the entire colony.

Even after wiping out the colony, it is likely that a new one will develop in the same spot once a new ant queen comes from neighboring nests. This is quite common in summer and spring. This means that you might to maintain outdoor baits stationed round the year. A profession pest control North Vancouver service provider can inspect your landscape now and then and provide a long-term solution. This is without a doubt the most effective way to avoid future ant infestations.