Natural Home Pest Solutions

Maple Ridge, just like any other place is home to a wide range of pests and insects that can invade your property and become a source of great annoyance. Some pose health risks to inhabitants if not eliminated.

Most pesticides are also a health hazard to humans and pets is not properly used. Discussed in this post is a few natural and chemical-free ways for pest control in and around your home. While having insects in your home can be an annoyance, bugs and pests will damage your house if allowed to thrive.

The tips below will help prevent insects and pests from invading your home. If you are dealing with a pest infestation, you can either call pest control Maple Ridge expert or use the ineffective traditional methods such as traps and bug sprays. It goes without saying that consulting a pest control expert is the surefire way to deal with the infestation.

Know what you are dealing with

The types of pests and insects that make their way into your home vary by region and climate. For instance, you are unlikely to find roaches in Colorado while wasps and ants tend to be quite common. Knowing the type of pests common in your area will make finding a lasting solution easier.

Eliminate what’s attracting them

Like human’s, pests require food, water, and shelter. By eliminating these resources, you significantly decrease the likelihood of pests turning your home into their own. You should make sure you eliminate any standing water, and that your plumbing is perfectly sealed. Keep your food preparation area spotlessly clean and properly store your foods in sealed containers. Lastly, inspect all corners of your home for potential entry points by sealing all cracks and openings.

Keep all surfaces dry and clean

Most pests and rodents in your home are attracted to food and water sources. Besides keeping your kitchen area spotlessly clean, you should regularly dispose of all indoor trash and recycling every day. Keep all dry foods in sealed containers and all the vegetables and fruits in a fridge. Dirty dishes in your sink will only draw in more pests and insects. Keep your bathroom sinks and underlying pipes properly sealed to prevent leaks.

Seal all entry points

Seal potential entry points, including baseboard cracks, gaps around pipes, and crevices around vents or ducts. These holes may seem too small to allow entry but pests such as rats can easily squeeze themselves through very tiny entries. Patch every hole in your window screens and ensure that all window borders are perfectly sealed. Firewood, garbage, and lawn debris should be kept far from the immediate exterior of the house.

When To Call A Professional

If the rat infestation persists despite using traditional pesticides and natural remedies, you should consider consulting with a pest control Burnaby expert. Giving an expert a call is a great idea once you notice the presence of pests such as wasps and rodents, which pose health risks to you and your loved ones.