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The small city is located at the east end of Burrard Inlet in British Columbia. The city is well known for its scenic beauty, and we feel proud to keep it cleaner and safer to live for its residents and visitors as well.

Pests That Are a Risk to Your Health

When dealing with a pest infestation, our health is the one thing, we are most concerned about. Certain pests can spread tons of parasites, diseases, bacteria, and viruses through a bite. Here are some of the common pests known to pose the biggest risks to our health:


Rats have long been known to spread diseases. Rats are found where there are people. In fact, urbanization has helped increase the rat population that is now becoming a major concern. In Port Moody, just like in other parts of Canada, there are two dominant rat species, the Black rat, and the Norway rat. These are also the most aggressive species.

Rats transmit a wide range of zoonotic diseases, those transmitted from animals to people. One such disease in Leptospirosis that affects people who come into contact with rat’s urine. Rats also carry human-borne ailments that they transmit back to the people.

Getting bitten by rats is the most common way of spreading rat-borne diseases. However, in some cases, coming into direct contact with the rats is not necessary. In fact, you might not have seen any rats in your home. Most of these diseases are spread through fleas, droppings, and urine.


Canada is home to about 80 different mosquito species with most of them being harmless. Most of them do not even bite and just a few of them actually feed on blood. However, there are those that will bite you and that are known to spread diseases. Unfortunately, these diseases are on the rises as more species continue to develop.

About 10 species have been found to pose the greatest risks. West Nile virus is commonly spread by Culex mosquitoes. Zika virus is yet another mosquito-borne virus. Fortunately, numerous pest control Port Moody service providers are on a mission to eradicate or reduce the mosquito population thus saving more lives.


Canada is home to about 40 different species of ticks to a few being attracted to humans. Most of them will associate with certain animals. Those that bite humans are referred to as generalist and are known to transmit diseases such as the Lyme diseases by the black-legged ticks. Ticks are believed to be carried to Canada by birds.

Once a tick ingests the blood of a diseased host, it passes it to the next victim through its saliva that holds the pathogens. You can reduce exposure to these pests by using products featuring DEED. You should also trim your yard as ticks can be found in long grass.

With the services of a pest control Port Moody expert, you will effectively eliminate the female black-legged ticks, especially in late spring when they laying their eggs. You might not notice the ticks until after the summer when the larvae to nymphs. This is also when tick bites are also common.

Professional pest control

There tons of pests that are known to be dangerous to humans. Should you notice a grown concern, call a professional pest control Port Moody service provider to get rid of the infestation.