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Let’s face it; ants in your home can be a considerable annoyance. Small insects and pests like ants can make the surroundings filthy and are critical in your own residence if you do not hire an expert ant avoidance service in a timely manner.

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Carpet Beetles Control, How To Spot Them And Get Rid Of Them

Beetles actually form one of the most abundant forms of life on the planet, with approximately 350,000 species in existence, they account to more than 25 percent of life-forms. For humans, it is impossible to come across most of the species of beetle. However, there’s one species that virtually everyone has come across at some point: carpet beetle.

Carpet beetle is one of the most dominant pests in households in North America. These household pests can cause damage to even the highly well-maintained homes. For that reason, it’s often imperative to begin your carpet beetle control efforts at the earliest signs of infestation.  At Mega Pest Control service, we have a carpet-beetle Control Service, specially designed to help homeowners in Vancouver and Abbotsford curb these destructive pests permanently.

Carpet beetles in brief

These household pests are among the most destructive species of beetles to homes. They are unlike some species like the wood beetle that only feed on wood. Carpet beetles can feed on virtually anything. Before launching your carpet beetle control efforts, it’s essential that you understand the risks that these pests pose, and the main reason why they invaded your homestead in the first place.

Even though carpet-beetles live outdoors, they most prefer to stay indoors where they can easily have access to shelter and food. Once they’ve found their way into your home, they seek for those dark spots such as under furniture, under baseboards or even in cabinets. But for an easier access to food, they live staying at carpet edges, in upholstered furniture and around the door casings.

Since they can feed on almost anything, the extent of damage they can cause in a house is great. They can feed on leather, furniture, blankets, clothing, pet hairs, crumbs, pet food, dead insects plus many other things that it can land on. Even if there was a chance that tile ceramics can be eaten, a carpet beetle wouldn’t hesitate giving it a shot!

Breeding habits

Their breeding is rather like wildfire. Even though they vary with the species, a typical carpet beetle would produce up to four generations. They start their egg laying spree the moment they find their way into your home. Even when you think you’ve successfully eliminated these pests from your home, their eggs will probably remain behind to introduce a new generation of hungry carpet beetles ready to eat anything and everything! They like laying eggs in mouse hideouts, birds’ nests as well as any other place that gives them easier access to something they can feed on.

Damages caused

Apart from just causing damage to your property, most household pests also have various types of diseases that they can spread to humans with lots of ease. Luckily, carpet-beetles are an exception.

Carpet beetles don’t carry any form of disease that can affect humans. But despite the fact that they won’t bring any diseases to your home, that’s doesn’t mean you don’t mind having them around. They can damage pretty anything in your home, including upholstery, furniture, carpets, clothing, leathered items, pet food, and many more. They basically feed on anything that has animal products, probably the reason why they have leather, silk, wool, fur among other such things as their favorites. Most homeowners usually mistake damages caused by these insects for damages as a result of moths. Even though they cause pretty much similar type of damages, carpet-beetles prefer certain types of fabric or materials, boring large holes. On the other hand, moths have a sporadic feeding habit resulting to scattered holes.

If you are in doubt about the type of pest infestation to your property, call in our professional Carpet-beetles Control service and we will be glad to serve your interest.

Why seek professional assistance from Mega Pest Control

The normal DIYs done to get rid of carpet-beetles are undoubtedly cheaper, but they don’t give a long lasting guarantee of desired results. That’s why it pays to call our professional Carpet-beetle Control Service.

These types of household pests are usually very resilient and as such, most home DIYs may not work effectively. Seeking help from professionals is a surefire way of getting rid of these pests for good, if permanently stopping the damage as a result of infestation is what you are after.

At Mega Pest Control, we have specific experience in dealing with this type of pest. We utilize a professional approach to giving you a long lasting solution to your carpet-beetle problem. Our team of professionals will first inspect your house to ascertain that the infestation is as a result of carpet-beetles. We will then survey the entire household and develop a suitable plan to control these pests.

In addition, after applying our techniques using appropriate equipment, specialized treatment and skills, we will also make a follow up to ensure that the problem is fixed for sure. Our follow ups are also directed at preventing an outbreak of these pests in near future.

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Mega Pest Control use special tools and devices to find the pests and eradicate them from your property.


Mega Pest Control use special tools and devices to find the pests and eradicate them from your property.


Mega Pest Control use special tools and devices to find the pests and eradicate them from your property.


Mega Pest Control use special tools and devices to find the pests and eradicate them from your property.