Steps To Take After Pest Control Aldergrove Services

You have taken charge and hired a pest control Aldergrove service provider to deal with the various pests that have been bothering you in your home. But what happens once the pest control team leaves? What measures should you take to prevent future infestations? Upon getting the green light from the exterminator to access your building, there are several things that you should do to sustain the effectiveness of their services.

Stick to the instructions given by your pest control Aldergrove company

The pest control team will give you a number of guidelines to follow upon accessing your home. These guidelines will include the extent of the cleaning you need to undertake and when other tasks such as mopping or vacuuming should take place. It is paramount that you stick to these instructions since they affect the effectiveness of the pest control program.

Reduce clutter

Look around at every corner and take care of the clutter. Untidy spaces are ideal hiding spots for pests where they bleed and multiply. Bringing some order in your room will limit the places where pests and other creatures can hide.

Seal all entry points

Inspect your home and seal all areas, especially where wires and pipes penetrate the walls, roof and soffits, as well as the floor. Seal around the doorways and windows. On the inside, repair and fill all existing cracks along the baseboards and moldings.


Run all clothes and fabric that were exposed to the pesticides through a washing machine. Your mattresses and furniture should be fully covered with sheets during the treatment process. Should you notice or even suspect that you mattress of furniture has been contaminated, seek specialized cleaning.

Clean exposed areas

While adhering to the given guidelines, thoroughly clean all exposes spaces and reline all the shelves and drawers. No food, linens, cutlery, or any other item should be returned to these areas until they have been completely cleaned. Remember to change the bed sheets even if the bed was covered during the process.


Keeping in mind that pest control experts work with strong and hazardous products to get rid of the pests in your home, getting odors from your rooms is of great importance. This should be done as soon as possible to prevent your loved ones from inhaling the odors. To do this, clean the windows first and is the weather allows, keep the window and doors wide open to allow in fresh air and let out the stench left behind by the pesticides. The chemicals used treat surfaces and as such, you should not worry about reducing their effectiveness by cleaning the air.

Lastly, exercise patience! It may take a while for the chemicals used to kill all the targeted pests. Nevertheless, you need to be extremely vigilant. If after a fortnight, you are still struggling with bugs and insects, or they seem to reappeared, you might consider contacting a pest control Aldergrove expert for a follow up treatment may be worth considering.