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Surrey is a town located in British Columbia, Canada. Surrey is made up of urban areas as well as important rural and agricultural areas. The City is also among Canada’s fastest-growing, culturally diverse cities. Requests for wasp nest removal are very common in Surrey and its surrounding areas.


Species of wasp are categorized as social or solitary. Social wasps, as their name implies, live in colonies which can number in the thousands. Women workers carry out all duties within the nest inside these colonies. Solitary wasps live alone, and thus have no colony. They do lay eggs, but they leave their eggs to hatch alone.

Many wasps are predatory and others are parasitic. Predatory wasps kill and eat other insects as well as other species that their larvae also feed upon.

How to identify wasp infestation

Flying bugs

You can start by looking for any signs of flying insects around your property when you are checking for a wasp problem in your home. Its slender, yellow abdomen and long wings that identify a wasp. When your property is infested with wasp, you can find several of these insects swarming around one place. If you find the flying wasps visible signs you may want to contact an exterminator immediately.

Damaged wood

Some species of wasps build their nests by chewing wood. You may start seeing holes or tunnels emerging in wooden surfaces on the outside of your home when your home is having a wasp problem. Since chewed wood can also be an sign of ants or termites, you should be sure to contact a pest control company to determine the exact cause of the damage to your wood.

Are wasps dangerous?

Yes, Wasps are dangerous because they are hostile and territorial, and can attack using their long stinger. Unlike bees, the stinger can be used many times by wasps. If anyone enters a wasp nest or something, wasps may attack to keep the intruder out. Wasps also sting when they are agitated or disturbed during pollination or scavenging. Wasps can attack in packs as well, which can be dangerous and fatal. If anyone is allergic to wasp stings in your house, they may experience a serious reaction that needs urgent medical attention.

Don’t risk an attack by wasp. When wasps start breeding on your yard or at home, they’re hard to get rid of. If you’re trying to manage wasps at home, you’re putting yourself in danger for an attack. Instead, call the professionals. Wasp control carried out by Advance Pest control is reliable efficient and long lasting.

Control tips

  • Hornets and yellow jackets are much more difficult to manage than wasps made from paper.
  • The best time to handle, when the hornets and wasps are less violent, is during the dark.
  • Hornets nests have a single opening, usually towards the bottom where the wasps come in and go out.
  • It is important that the nest’s paper envelope is not torn open during control process or that the angry wasps disperse in all directions, causing even more problems.
  • When removing hornet nest, it is suggested to have a complete wasp suit sealed at the hands, ankles and neck.
  • Treatment of wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets is best performed at night; paper wasps can be removed during daytime as long as you are not standing directly under the nest during control process.
  • When contacted by the insecticide, most wasp and hornet sprays cause the insects to drop instantly.
  • Standing straight under a nest raises one’s chance of stung.
  • Spraying into wasp nests should not be performed during daylight. Wasps are aggressive and are all completely active. Caution should be taken during daytime inspection of wasps nests.

The treatment of wasp infestation is much more difficult than you thought. And calling for a wasp control Surrey service is by far the easiest and most effective way to get rid of these potentially harmful insects from your home.With wasps floating freely just outside your doorway, any member of your family could easily fall prey to the stings at any time. With this dangerous factor in mind, it is imperative that you call as soon as possible for a wasp exterminator service.

Our aim is to provide the best professional help your household needs. Advanced pest control consists of experts that are well trained in wasp control. Professionals, that know how to apply long term solutions. Methods that are eco-friendly and safe for your family as well as the environment.


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