Why Use Professional Pest Control Maple Ridge Extermination

Although most people attempt to solve their pest infestation problem on their own in the view of saving money, hiring a professional pest control Maple Ridge service provider will give better results and save your cash in the long run. Professional pest control companies are licensed to use strong pesticides with lasting effect than those available over the counter. Also, their vast experience allows them to treat the infestation from the nest where the pests congregate.

Pest control experts usually start by inspecting all corners of your property from the attic to the basement and even the exterior. This inspection allows them to identify the pest species are attacking your home, identify their source of food, breeding area, and where they like to hang out. With this information, they can then plan the best treatment option for your case and lay down some preventive measures to be implemented to avert future infestation.

Professional Treatments

  • Poison Baits
    Pest control experts enjoy access to some of the most powerful pesticides in the industry. They can choose from all these treatment options based on the infestation being handled, its severity, and the location of the pests that have invaded your home. To reach the entire pest population, expect them to use poison baits both inside and outside to target all the pests and not just those hunting for food.
  • Liquid insecticides
    Liquid insecticides are usually sprayed around the doors, baseboards, windows, under the cabinets, and around the exterior foundation as well as other areas for residual killing power that can last for several weeks. When dealing with an ant infestation, liquid insecticides can be poured on the anthill to eliminate the entire colony.
  • Gel insecticides
    The products are designed to kill upon contact or as baits to facilitate transfer to other insects. Gel insecticides can be used on cracks and other openings in your home.
  • Dust insecticide
    These insecticides are commonly used on walls and hollow spaces under cabinets to create a thin layer that covers the insects as they walk by.
  • Granular insecticides and traps
    Granular insecticides are mainly used outdoors where they are sprinkled on the soil around or directly on the nest. On the other hand, traps are used to catch pests such as birds, rodents, and snakes among others. Some traps work using door traps, while others use adhesive to catch pests.
  • How much do pest control services cost?
    A look at the initial cost of pest control services will look much more expensive compared to buying a can of bug killer and doing the job yourself. However, in the long run, you will end up spending much more trying to find a solution that works compared what you would have had you hired a professional pest control Maple Ridge service provider. Keep in mind that almost ever pesticide you buy from a retail store will kill the targeted insects. However, most of these products do not leave sufficient residual protection. On the other hand, professional exterminators provide a guarantee for their services for a certain period with no extra charge.