Like every other homeowner, Richmond residents are proud of their houses. They spend endless hours, cash, and energy decorating and remodeling, to ensure that their property not only stands out but also inviting.
Of course, you will want to do all you can to keep harmful pests from your house. While the services of a reputable pest control company in Richmond can help you do that, it is important to know why your home attracts pests. Simple things such as leaving food lying around will draw all sorts of pests into your home. Obviously, while Mega Pest Control Coquitlam can help you with the infestation problem, it will save you money knowing the things that entice pests and rodents in your house. Discussed below are some of the reasons why your home is a pest magnet.


Unwanted pests such as rats and bugs love moisture. Although they do not need water to survive, it is essential for reproduction. A perfect example is mosquitos. If you want to keep these pests away, fix all leaking pipes, and clear any stagnant water or spill.

Gaps and cracks

Is your home an impenetrable fortress? Every homeowner knows that rodents are perfect contortionists and can effortlessly squeeze themselves into seemingly tight spots. If there are openings around wires and pipes leading into the house, a gap under the door, or cracks in crawls spaces in your house, these are ideal access points for pests. Sealing these gaps and opening coupled with regularly inspecting utility lines, vents, and plumbing for gaps will help keep out unwanted pests.

Trim the yard

You probably have a million things on your to-do list, but is your yard work on that list? It is common for homeowners to keep putting off the yard work which tends to come back to haunt them. Broken twigs, tall grass, and bushes provide the perfect hiding space for harmful pests to reproduce. If you want to avoid a pest infestation, then you need to regularly trim your yard. The longer you sideline it, the bigger the pest problem you will have.

Left out foods

Pests do not care what you have on the menu. They will munch on just about any food they can get their little jaws and paws on. To avoid pests camping in your kitchen, always wash your dishes immediately after the meal. Always clean up all food spills and sweep up any crumbs left. Any food meant to be stored in secure containers that cannot be chewed into by rodents.

Garbage storage

Rotting garbage might not be your idea of a juicy aroma, but to pets, it is a ringing dinner bell. Keeping the garbage indoors will ultimately attract pests including flies, maggots, ants, and rats. Always keep your garbage outside in closable bins.

Knowing how your house attracts unwanted pests is the first step to a proactive pest control measure. Unfortunately, even after implementing all preventive measures known to man, it does not guarantee that pests will not come into your home. This is why you should always have a renowned pest control expert in Vancouver, Abbotsford on your speed dial. Should the unthinkable happened and pests find their way in your home, a pest control specialist with the experience and know-how will eradicate them leaving your home pest-free.


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