Rodents are a menace – at home and in the workplace. They are also an embarrassment. Imagine a rat majestically crossing your living room when you are entertaining guests. Considering rats are associated with dirt, your humiliation will be epic. That is why you need rodent control and methods that work effectively.

Rodents eat your fresh, stored, and leftover food. The carrots you planted with so much sweat in your garden are a delicacy to these animals. Rodents burrow holes in your fence and wooden structures. They destroy valuable documents and clothes. Nothing is sacred to them. They are not respecters of persons or property. In their quest for food, they devour anything in their path.

At Mega Pest Control, we believe that rodents can be controlled or exterminated. We aim at easing your pain by ensuring you don’t have to lose sleep because of these small mammals anymore. We understand that you may have tried to Do It Yourself methods and failed to control these pests.

 It is possible that you have previously hired ‘professionals’ to destroy the vermin, but your problem persists. Like other unlucky property owners and residents, the chemicals used to destroy the pests may have harmed you. You have reached a point of believing that rodents cannot be eradicated and will continue to wreak havoc on your family.

Probably, you have no faith in companies that specialize in rodent eradication because you feel cheated. You need not despair. Our rodent control and methods will restore your faith in professionalism and excellence in service delivery. We not only have the training and skills for the job, but we have also garnered valuable experience and a superior reputation over the years.

The moment you call us to visit and deal with rodents in your premise, we listen and respond accordingly. We will dispatch our trained personnel who will inspect your premise to ascertain the movement and behavioral patterns of rodents. Our experts will diagnose the cause of the problem as well as the extent and nature of your complaint.

Mega Pest Control staff will offer the best solutions to your problem after detailed analysis. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer lasting solutions to rodent infiltration. Our interest is in returning peace and tranquillity to you, your premise, and the people who inhabit it. Our solutions are, therefore, well-thought-out and implemented with your approval.

We don’t stop there. We think about the future. Having identified where the rodents entered your home, we seal all the holes and spaces– whether created by rodents or by default. We also contact you regularly to ensure any new entry point for the pests is sealed immediately.

Our rodent control and methods are not restricted to residential areas. We eradicate these animals from commercial as well as industrial premises. Rodents inflict different forms of damage in respective premises, but we have custom solutions for every type of building and situation we are confronted with.

Our approaches cannot work without a team of dedicated individuals. Our employees adhere to high standards of professionalism, integrity, responsibility, teamwork, passion, and respect. We live to meet the needs of our customers satisfactorily. Apart from basic training, our employees are regularly updated on emerging issues on rodent management and related issues.

With Mega Pest Control, your money is well-spent. Our customers are a satisfied lot because they get value for their money. You have no side effects to manage and no regrets to deal with after we have finished our work on your premise. For all your rodent control and extermination needs, speak to us today.

For more information please call:  1 (888) 688-1048 or 604-866-8616


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