Homeowners may find their homes under siege by pests at any time of the year. When its summertime, cockroaches, and ants may invade your home to get their share of food and water from you. When the weather gets wet, other nasty pests, like millipedes, pill bugs and sow bugs may enter your house to have a dry resting place. Silverfish and Earwigs may move and nest under your storage containers and boxes. Spiders may build their nests behind stacked boxes and prolong their stay to prey on other insects. All through the summer, fleas roaming outside may jump on your unsuspecting pets. Then they may reproduce multiple times and create a huge menace.

During the autumn season, ladybugs and cluster flies usually gather on open grounds and constantly search for warm areas to breed. If they find an opening to enter your house, they will settle comfortably on the attic or inside the walls of your house. The winter season also brings rats and mice in-home, and they are difficult to eliminate once they enter your home.

Thus when you want a safe and sound sleep at night, you will be greatly disturbed by creeping and crawling insects which may bump on you or squeak and chatter around your bed restlessly. They cause great discomfort for everyone. But don’t worry. There are effective methods out there to stop those nasty pests from entering your house, even without using toxic chemicals.

Artificial chemical repellents, though effective in repelling and destroying household pests, might be harmful when one accidentally touch or ingest it. Long time exposure to chemical pesticides might harm your central nervous system, causing irritation and allergic reactions on skin and eyes, breathing problems, hormone disruption and may even become fatal when they are not handled properly.

These pesticides are disastrous to our surroundings as well. Pesticides find their ways into the underground water or stagnant water resources, such as lake and contaminate it. Thus, these could cause unrepairable damages to plants, animals, and humans. The good news is there are some toxic-free and effective ways to debug your home. Let’s see them one by one.

Maintaining dryness

Pests usually love damp and wet areas. In particular, mosquitoes and cockroaches are drawn in large numbers towards wet spots. So keep your sink dry so that it doesn’t become a swimming pool for cockroaches. Wipe away puddles or spills of water so that pests can’t breed there and nobody falls down when they step on those slippery surfaces. Seal all your leaking pipes and close all your dripping taps so that you can effectively stop the arrival of pests and also save water.

Maintaining Cleanliness

Obviously, a filthy environment is the number one reason for your home to be infested with pests. You must wash your dishes and eating places without spills or crumbs. Such kind of places is a magnet for bugs. They will love to feed on your spaghetti or bread toast. Empty your trash bin regularly so that it doesn’t overflow with garbage. Keep your snacks and other dry ingredients, like sugar, flour, etc. in airtight and sealed containers so that they can’t be found by bugs. Regularly dispose of old newspapers, cardboard boxes, and other old, useless stuff. Simply don’t pile them in a corner. Else, it will soon become a palace for rodents and cockroaches.

Fixing your broken house

Well, let’s face it. It’s time to close that small hole on your basement wall so that Mr. Rat doesn’t find easy access to your residence. Replace old curtains and clean those dusty corners that you forgot about long ago. Patch up and seal even tiny cracks on walls because ants, centipedes, and millipedes would find it easy to enter. Paint and wash your house once every year. It will stop spiders from spinning endless cobwebs on your attic. Moreover, the chemical smell of the paint will drive away from the pests easily.

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