Rat Problem in Vancouver & Lower Mainland

Have you been battling with a rat problem in Vancouver day and night without being able to deal with the problem all by yourself? Then, try giving Mega Pest Control a chance to help you find a solution to all your rat problems in Vancouver. Having rats in your homemaking noise, leaving fecal droppings, and eating your food can be a messy situation, and you might not be able to handle the situation all by yourself; that’s why we’ve taken it up to us to assist at a cost-effective price.

Before we go on, shall we educate ourselves a bit about what rat control is?

Rat control is the elimination, extermination, and management of rats. The most common rat problems in Vancouver are caused by the Roof Rat, Norway rat, and Pack Rat which is commonly referred to as the “Furry Tailed Wood Rat.” These rats have their unique attributes that call for different methods of approaching them for an effective elimination such as using traps, exclusion, sealing of walls, etc.

You probably have no idea how important pest control management is, efficient ones to be specific. Maybe you’ve been trying your methods without calling any pest control experts like us to come to help you out. While this doesn’t imply that we are criticizing what you do or undermine it, we assure you that with assistance from a professional pest control agency like ours, you will get special techniques to help deal with this unending rat problem in Vancouver. There is something about having rat problems in Vancouver– you’ve really not dealt with it if you’ve not lived peacefully in your home without dealing with these creatures that take advantage of any tiny little space they find to crawl into your home.

With the current population of rats in Vancouver, it is no lie that they’ve been keeping most pest control experts busy every day. You should trust that pest control experts like us are not going to back down until we find them and get them out of your home; you should know we’ll be dealing with them in the most humane and eco-friendly way you can imagine. When the population of rats rises like this in Vancouver, it is really due to the weather most of the time.

The sort of damages these rodents create in people’s homes is really disturbing. When we go into people’s home to help them find a solution; most of the times we find out the rats already built a habitat in the walls, are feeding on the electrical wirings and even the plumbing; you’ll know what we are talking about here if you have been facing rat problems.

However, they just don’t stop at ruining things; they go far ahead to spreading diseases and putting you and your family at a huge health risk. The sort of health risks these animals pose can’t be overemphasized. Research carried out during the Vancouver Rat Project by CBC last year explains that- these rodents carry around harmful bacteria which possibly can contaminate foodstuff in people’s homes, thereby passing these bacteria and viruses to human beings.

Nobody likes having uninvited guests around, especially ones that will come around to destroy the things you have in your home. That’s what rats do – they eat your food, make your home emit this puke-triggering smell and even drop their feces around in YOUR HOME without fear. You should be aware that they are very inventive and fast; not to forget how quickly they respond to stimuli.


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