Thief ants are among the smallest ants that can be found in a household. Just like other ant species that infest homes in Vancouver and Abbotsford, thief ants are destructive and can cause a lot of damage if not controlled in time.

How can you identify thief ants?

The first and most effective way of controlling pets is identifying them correctly. Thief ants are generally small in size, measuring about 1/32 inch long. They have a color that ranges between light yellow and red, with black marks on their abdomen. They have antennae with 10 segments. Thief ants are more than just pests, they are also parasites as they are fond of building their nests close to that of other ant species, from where they steal food.

While they have a close resemblance with the pharaoh ants, there are certain unique features or characteristics of the thief ants that can help in distinguishing them. The latter have 10 segments on their antennae that end with two segment club. On the other hand, pharaoh ants have a 12 segment antennae that ends with three segment club.

Controlling infestation by thief ants

The best way to deter these pests from invading your home business premises is by practising proper sanitation. Once they notice that there is nothing to be fed on, they will find another habitat. For that reason, general sanitation should be adhered to. Any fallen food lumps should be swept immediately and the place left clean.

In addition, cracks and crevices on window frames, baseboards, foundations or door frames should be eliminated. Materials that serve as potential habitat for these ants should also be eliminated. Leaky faucets and pipes should be repaired, tree branches and shrubs trimmed to discourage the ants from nesting.

What we are offering

However, if you are already experiencing problem with thief ant infestation, the best way to permanently put an end to it is by seeking our professional Thief Ant Control Service.

At Mega Pest Control, we have a special pest control program aimed at relieving homes and commercial buildings in Vancouver and Abbotsford from the frustrations of thief ant infestation.

  • Convenient appointment schedules

When you get in touch with us, we will provide you with appointment schedule options, or simply notify us of the best time you are ready for an appointment with our team.

  • Initial inspection of premise

Our team of experienced and skilled pest control operators will perform an inspection in your home to ascertain that the infestation is by thief ants, determine the affected areas and level of infestation so as to determine the best approach of devising attack.

  • Industry certified pesticides and techniques

We only use effective industry certified pesticides together with appropriate tools and equipment to put an end to the infestation once and for all.

  •  Adherence to your personal safety concerns

Any thief ant control expert from our team has a company identification card and is uniformed with our appropriate company attire for easier identification. No strangers will have access to your property.

  • Diligent follow ups

In addition, we make follow ups to ensure that the nuisance is completely eradicated from your household or business premises.

Reasonable rates

Most importantly, our rates are reasonably set to cater for all residential and commercial thief ant extermination needs.

Do not wait for these destructive pests to cause more damage to your valued assets or investments. Call Mega Pest Control experts today and receive a free quote. As a leading provider ofprofessional thief ant extermination services in Vancouver and Abbotsford, we are equipped with industry standard tools, equipment, pesticides and expert exterminators to handle any nuisance from thief ant infestation and protect your investments and property from damage.

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