Pharaoh ants also known as sugar ants are tiny insects that are known to eat a lot of things including other insects. Pharaoh ants usually maintain a colony of several hundred queens and therefore eventually lead to multiple colonies that infest every corner of your home.

It is therefore important to seek professional help from exterminators to rid your home of these ants. We at Mega Pest Control offer professional solutions to help you rid your home of pharaoh ants. Our personnel are well trained and have vast experience in dealing with the extermination of ants. We handle our customers in a professional manner and ensure that they receive the services they pay for. We strive to rid your home of unwanted pests and offer effective solutions that ensure this is achieved. Our unbeaten track record continues to keep us ahead while we use our most innovative solutions to eradicate these ants in an environmentally safe way.

At Mega Pest Control, we use simple yet effective methods to eradicate pharaoh ants and other pests from your home or work place. We believe in a complete treatment that ensures that the pharaoh ants do not return to your home. Our process can be simplified into simple steps that include;

Assessing the Home

After you contact Mega Pest Control, you should expect us to send our technical expert to do a complete survey of the home. We do this to assess the magnitude of the infestation so as to determine the best way to deal with the problem. We understand that every home is different therefore we offer tailor made solutions to individual problems based on the report generated from this visit.

Draft a Plan

This is the next step once we receive the report from our technical expert. Mega Pest Control drafts a plan according to the nature of the problem. We only use certified pesticides that are safe for use in homes with children and pets. Our pesticides are also non- toxic and Eco-friendly and therefore do not harm the environment. Your safety is important to us therefore we don’t take any chances. We ensure that we don’t contaminate anything in the house while fumigating.

We Communicate

At Mega Pest Control, we strongly believe in communicating with our clients every step of the way. We understand that it is important for you to know everything that happens in your home. We also believe that by informing our customers, they better understands how to keep their homes free from future infestations. Our main priority is ensuring that our client`s home remains free from infestation because we believe that homes belong to people and not pests. We should always feel comfortable while at home.

We deploy our plan

This is the most important step as it ensures that the plan is followed to achieve the desired results. Our technical experts have vast experience in dealing with pharaoh ants and other pest infestations. We are well equipped to handle and deal with all sorts of infestations.

Routine Check-ups

Some pests come with different seasons and therefore we at Mega Pest Control ensure that we schedule routine visits to your home to enable us monitor and identify possible risks of re-infestation. Our skilled technical expert will make several trips to your home to give you assurance and that peace of mind.

If you notice pharaoh ants in your home, don’t wait until it is too late. Contact Mega Pest Control and we shall send someone over to come assess the situation. Don’t let ants take over your home.

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