Native-Squirrel Control Service

There are several squirrel species that are native to Canada. These include ground nesters as well as tree nesters. While rare visit of native squirrels on your property is very common, it can quickly turn into a nuisance if the visits are too frequent. Moreover, if the squirrels feel like your property is a reliable source of food, they won’t really mind nesting close to your property and even on to it.

Moreover, native Canadian squirrels are known to be highly industrious mammals that have foxy intellect and a good sense of humor too. In short, they have every quality of being a menace for you and your property. Right from your attic, eaves, crawl spaces to the roof, the native squirrels love to explore the property in search of food and a place where they can nest. While the squirrels are not really a safety concern for the people living in the home, they can result in a variety of other problems. For instance, squirrels are known to tear the insulation and wires coming into the home. And there can also be power outages if a squirrel runs across the power lines.

Overall, no property-owner would ever like their property to be infested with these nasty rodents. But another very common problem is no matter how hard you try, the squirrels will keep coming back. While the methods, tools, or products that you use might provide you with temporary relief, the squirrels will find other ways to get back, especially if your property is a food source for them or if they have nested on your property.

So, what can you do?


Professional Native Squirrel Control Service

Mega Pest Control offers native squirrel control service to eliminate this menace. Our professional team will examine your property to understand the severity of the problem. Once the area is inspected, we use a variety of tools and techniques to trap and remove the native squirrels from your property. Our professional team has the right skills, tools, and experience that can put an end to the squirrel menace.

At Mega Pest Control, we only use humane eradication methods to ensure that none of the animals or humans are harmed in any way. The whole trapping and removal process is quick and needless to say, the results are instant. Apart from removing the squirrel from your property, we’d also provide you with useful tips and take other measures to make sure that the squirrels do not return to your property. After our native squirrel removal service, you can rest assured that the squirrel menace will be over for good.


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We understand how annoying the squirrel menace can be. And even after using a variety of products, methods, and spending a lot of time and money, the results are never in line with the expectations. Squirrels are one of the most difficult to remove rodents and it is our expertise that you’d need to eliminate the problem.

We have helped several property-owners to get rid of the squirrel menace and there are no reasons as to why we can’t do the same for you and your property. No matter if the squirrel visits are very frequent or they have nested on your property, we’ll trap and remove each one of them to ensure that you live peacefully.

Our services are highly affordable, quick, and effective, and it is our determination to provide our customers with the best that has made us one of the best native squirrel control services in Vancouver and Abbotsford. Get in touch with us today and say goodbye to the squirrel menace for good.

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