Fire ants are dangerous and are known to attack people and small animals who wander too close to their nest. They are ferocious little insects that can even kill small animals. It is important to contact a certified professional exterminator as soon as you notice these tiny but dangerous insects in your home.

Mega Pest Control are certified experts that exterminate Fire ants and other household pests. Our vast experience in pest control enables us understand the best approach to eradicating fire ants and the measures to take to keep them at bay. Mega Pest Control performs thorough inspection of your home or office to establish the breeding areas of the fire ants and other pests.

We use a simple approach in ensuring that the fire ants are eradicated from your property. The first step involves sending our technical team to assess the area and its surrounding. This enables us understand the magnitude of the infestation. Once we visit your home and do the assessment, we draft a report based on the findings.

Mega Pest Control uses this report to draft a plan that will be used to eradicate the fire ants from your premise. Our team of experts has extensive knowledge on fumigation and pesticides and therefore takes a lot of precaution when dealing with the pesticides. We understand that your home provides shelter to your family and property and therefore work with utmost care not to contaminate anything in your home.

Our pesticides are verified and approved and therefore are safe to be used in a home environment. We ensure that we use organic and non-toxic pesticides that are safe for use in homes with children and pets. Our insecticides are also Eco-friendly and therefore don’t contaminate the environment.Once we have our plan in place, we send our Mega Pest Control expert to your home. Our years of experience in dealing with fire ants enable us to handle your pest problems professionally and efficiently. We focus on complete eradication of the ants and any other pests from your home.

We at Mega Pest Control believe in educating and informing our clients on the best practices to ensure they keep pests and fire ants away.  We therefore advice our clients on methods to deploy that help avoid re-infestation of fire ants in their homes.

Mega Pest Control understands that the main objective is to restore your home back to what it was before it was infested with fire ants, and as such we strive to work on treating the problem thoroughly and as fast as possible.

We use a complete protection system that ensures that your property remains safe from fire ants all year long. Our system encompasses methods that rid your property of the ants in the most environmentally safe way. If you live in a neighborhood that is prone to fire ants infestations, it is important to constantly keep an eye out to ensure you notice them early enough before they set camp on your property. At Mega Pest Control, we have qualified and well trained personnel to ensure they rid your property of these unwelcomed guests.

Our key objective is to avoid re-infestation of the fire ants. We therefore schedule routine check-up visits from our technical team to ensure that they monitor and assess any possibilities of the fire ants invading your home again.

We purpose to ensure that your home will remain free of fire ants for good. Our proven track record speaks for itself. If you notice mounds around your compound, don’t hesitate to contact Mega Pest Control.

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