While carpenter ants are known as highly valuable for Earth, having them at your home is not something that a property owner would ever appreciate. These ants chew wood, hence the name, and converts it into very fine sawdust which rots over time and turns into compost which enables new growth.

While there are several different species of carpenter ants, two species are very common in Canada- Modoc Carpenter Ants and Vicinus Carpenter Ants.

Identifying Carpenter Ants

Modoc Carpenter Ants- These ants are black in color but can have slightly red legs. A parent nest of these ants only has a single queen.

Vicinus Carpenter Ants- These ants have a black head and abdomen. Their thorax is rusty red in color. A parent nest of Vicinus carpenter ants can have multiple queens.

Both these species can measure a quarter of an inch to three-quarter of an inch and carpenter ants of different sizes can be found in a single nest.


Carpenter ants generally establish their nest first in wood that is decayed. But when the initial nest is properly established, they would then start extending their tunnel into other wooden construction on a property and can result in severe damage to the structure. While they are known to nest in living or dead standing trees, houses built in and around forests are highly prone to their attacks.

The parent nest of these ants is generally established in dead or living trees. But when the members increase and there is a need to expand, they then start searching for a satellite colony which can be any wooden structure that can provide warmth.

A new colony spends atleast 3 to 6 years and about 2,000 workers to start producing reproductive queens and winged males. The parent colony generally has queen(s), workers and larvae, whereas, the satellite colony can have workers, pupae, mature larvae, and winged reproductives. Ants keep on traveling between the parent colony and satellite colony but only a few of them can be seen searching for food.

Carpenter ants generally eat insects, other arthropods, as well as, exudates from insects and aphids. Sweet decaying items, like fruits, also attract these ants.

What if Carpenter Ants Attack Your Property?

If you have already tried sprays on the ants you see on your property but they somehow get back again, it is highly recommended that you should stop doing so. The carpenter ants which you can see are generally workers who might be searching for food. If you kill them, new workers would take their place to continue with the job. This is the reason no matter how many times you spray them; they get back on the property.

So, what can be done? Allow Mega Pest Control to help you out.

Professional Ant Removal in Abbotsford and Vancouver

If none of your traps, tricks, and products seems to work, you should know that the infestation is severe and you’d need professional ant removal service, like Mega Pest Control to eliminate the whole carpenter ant colony. Our experienced professional team is well aware of the methods that can provide you with effective results. Over the years we have helped several property owners with severe carpenter ants infestation problems in Canada.

Property owners generally spend a lot of time when they try their own tricks and methods to try to get rid of the problem. However, it is this period during which the infestation rapidly expands and reaches to a major extent. As a result, we always recommend our clients to get in touch with us as soon as they see the first sign of infestation as it is easier for us to completely eliminate the problem when the infestation is just in the initial stage.

Let professionals handle the matter and ensure that your property is free from these annoying insects!

For more information email at info@megapestcontrol.com or call us at 604-866-8616

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