Black Squirrel Control Service

Squirrels in eaves, crawl space or attic? The scurrying sounds from attic can be a black squirrel who love invading attics and walls. Many different types of squirrels are found in Abbotsford and Vancouver, like black squirrel, native squirrel, flying squirrel and ground squirrels. Not just in these areas, but the squirrel nuisance is very common throughout Canada. Get in touch with Mega Pest Control to get rid of the squirrel problems at your home.

While squirrels are very common in public parks and backyards, they are known as omnivores who are opportunistic in nature. This means that they rely on garbage and food thrown by humans and will never leave a feeding opportunity even if it is not in their natural habitat. Black squirrels enter attic spaces that are unsecured to nest and are also known to burrow in fields and yards while searching for food.


Do Black Squirrels Cause Any Damage?

If there are food sources available, black squirrels won’t mind damaging fields and yards. They will dig the area for insects and nuts. Moreover, the burrows made by squirrels near manmade dams and embankments can negatively impact structural integrity and can result in the collapse of the construction. Black squirrels are also known to tear the insulation of homes, power lines in the attics and on roofs. Power outages can occur as well when the squirrels run across the supply lines.

It is very challenging to keep these squirrels off your property, especially when they see your property as a reliable food source or have already made a nest at your property. While some property owners found relief with electrified fencing, sealing the external entrances and pruning limbs of trees close to the property, the rodents somehow find another way around to get on to the property.

If you are tired of using several methods for getting rid of the squirrel menace and are yet to find any relief, Mega Pest Control can help you out. With years of experience in the field, we understand how squirrels live, places they like to visit in search of food and areas where they prefer to nest. Combined with innovative trapping and removal techniques, we ensure that your property is free from squirrels once and forever.


Effective Removal of Black Squirrels

Our professional team has all the experience, training, and the tools which are required to trap the rodents and remove them from your property. We only use humane eradication techniques and the process is completely safe for the animals and humans involved. Apart from removing the squirrels, we’ll also work on other measures to make sure that the squirrels do not enter your property again. The removal is followed by visits from our team to ensure that the menace is effectively eliminated and not repeated again.

Squirrels have an annoying habit of returning back to the property and this makes the follow-ups very important to ensure an effective outcome. The whole trapping and removal process is quick and as mentioned above, completely safe too.

Moreover, apart from being quick, safe and effective, our squirrel removal service in Vancouver and Abbotsford is highly affordable too. Apart from our prime focus on providing the best of services to our customers, we also believe in providing our services at rates which are easily affordable to make sure that everyone can access them.

If the rare visits of the black squirrels have got very frequent now and you are unable to find an effective solution to the problem, remember that help for you is just a phone call away. Get in touch with us and our team will reach the property as quickly as possible.

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