Most homeowners are already aware of the havoc that can be brought about by ants in general, but Argentine ants are way too destructive. If you are dealing with these types of pests in your Vancouver or Abbotsford home, you’ve probably tried more than a handful DIYs which only turned out to be expensive without bringing in desirable results.

Its time you consider seeking professional assistance from Mega Pest Control. We will not only put an end to these destructive pests, but we will also put a continuous follow up program to ensure that there are no infestations in the near future.

Identifying Argentine ants

Proper identification of pests causing infestation is very essential in the extermination process. Argentine ants can be identified with their characteristic colour that ranges between light and dark brown, with a length ranging from 2.2mm to 2.8mm.

The most notable sign of infestation by Argentine ants are their foraging trails. They usually leave these trails behind when climbing walls, trees or even migrating into a building. These trails often occur between the location of their nests and food sources.With time, their network of colonies that are interconnected can grow to become an infestation difficult to control with DIYs.

Why seek our Argentine ants control service

Infestation by Argentine ants are best left to professional pest control experts who can correctly identify their nests and apply appropriate measures to put them to an end.

At Mega Pest Control, we have a special control program with a team of pest control veterans who can professionally curb the Argentine antinfestation.

  • Prior inspection

Our highly qualified Argentine control experts are knowledgeable in all behaviors and habits of Argentine ants. This makes it easier for them to identify their infestation, possible nesting grounds and hideouts before devising the best approach of control process.  Our experts will first visit your home and carry out an inspection to ascertain that the infestation is by Argentine ants and device the most appropriate attack plan.

  • Comprehensive extermination

Our Argentine ant control service is offered at highly professional and comprehensive levels. We offer both indoor and outdoor extermination to get rid of these destructive pests right form their source nests.Our control service covers all levels of infestation for both residences and commercial setups.

  • Industry standard tools and techniques

We use appropriate insecticides, tools and skills to destroy all the nests and hideouts of these destructive pests so you never have to see them again. Our expert use insecticides that are harmless to human health but harsh to pests to ensure that their nests, eggs, larvae and adult pests are all destroyed.

  • Safety and comfort guarantee

Our Argentine ant extermination process is not going to be a source of distraction to your peace. We use techniques that produce the least minimum distraction to property owners. Equally, our experts are uniformed in company attires and have proper company identification cards to ensure that only authorizedpersons have access to your property or business premises.

  •  Follow ups

In addition, we make follow ups from time to time just to ensure that there are no infestations erupting in the near future.

Reasonable price quotes

Our pest control service prices beat the rest in terms of affordability and flexibility. Our Argentine ant extermination service is offered at high standards to ensure that you get real value of your money.

If your previous DIYs were never successful or simply need a long lasting solution to Argentine ant infestation nuisance, it time you give it up to the experts. Call Mega Pest Control today and receive a free quote.

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