Pest Problem in Spring

The spring season… many look forward to it due to the wonderful warm weather after a long winter. However, the pests who had been hibernating in winter also set out to search for food, water, and warm and moist shelter. Here are the most common pests that appear in spring and ways to prevent them from entering your residence.


Ants are mostly visible in warm weather during the spring and summer as these weather conditions are ideal for them to easily search for food. They don’t pose as much of a threat as most of them don’t carry any diseases or have poisonous bites but some of them, like the Pharoah ant, may carry bacteria and other diseases.

Other than that, they can infest your kitchen and ruin your food by invading the containers and food boxes. Ants also destroy plants in your garden, the wood in your lawn, chewing on insulation, and electrical wires in your home which creates the threat of a fire hazard.

To prevent this, keep your food containers tightly sealed, power wash your driveway and sidewalks to remove residual items that may attract ants, and repair water hoses to seal off any entrances for ants. And if all of these measures fail to keep ants away from your residence, contact Mega Pest Control right away to avoid any more harm to your house.

Fruit Flies

Fruit flies enter through the most obvious entrances like open windows, doors, and the sweet-smelling fruits that you buy from the greengrocer. While they may not bite you and only seem like a simple nuisance, fruit flies can contaminate your food with the pathogens and bacteria that they might carry.

Keep fruit flies away from your home by washing fresh fruits and vegetables thoroughly as soon as you get home from the store, not having any waste or damaged fruit lying around garbage cans in your kitchen or the driveway – properly dispose of them, and tightly keeping food containers closed to avoid any infestation or contamination brought about by fruit flies.

Bees and Wasps

Both of these creatures are quite dangerous and can inflict painful bites on your skin. Bees would only attack you when provoked but wasps are aggressive and would not hesitate to sting you even when unprovoked.

Keep wasps away by keeping garbage cans and their lids tightly closed, filling any holes in your lawn created by rodents, and keep a yellow light on at places around your house where you suspect bees or wasps might nest.

Get in touch with Mega Pest Control immediately if you notice a bee or wasp hive near your house or on your lawn to ensure the safe removal of the creatures before they can harm you.


Cockroaches are dirty pests who are constantly looking for food, water, and shelter; they can also spread harmful bacteria due to their unsanitary nature. They also look for warm places to live in and this is, of course, made even more convenient for them due to the warm weather.

Simply clean your home regularly to avoid attracting cockroaches, repair any damaged plumbing and faucets to minimize damp conditions as much as possible, seal off any crack in the walls, floor, and doors, and don’t forget to tightly seal your food containers and boxes and place them in dry locations.


Constantly removing spider webs as soon as you see them, sealing cracks and openings outside your home to eliminate any entry points, and keeping your home clean along with replacing broken windows and doors are ways to prevent spiders from entering your property this season.

Spiders may not be that harmful, only their bites will be causing some irritation on your skin. The webs that they make, however, can be a nuisance in your rooms, basements, garages, and other dark and moist places that would grant them suitable living conditions.

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