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The mere mention of the presence of rats on the property is more than enough for the property owners in Canada. These long-tailed, medium-sized rodents can cause severe damages to the property, contaminate food items, spread diseases, and can be a complete menace. If you are looking for a professional rat control in Abbotsford or Vancouver in Canada. Mega Pest Control is here to help you out.

The Rat Menace

Rats are highly instinctive of any new thing in their environment. Be it a rat bait, trap, or a product you have left on the floor for them to eat, they have this natural ability to stay away from them. While a single rat might not result in any kind of serious troubles, if they colonize in your attic, porches, wall voids, and other places which are difficult to reach, professional help is the best solution.

Rat Species

While there are several species of rats, black rats, and brown rats are the most common. Just like humans, they have warm blood and can be found all over the world. Their front teeth are oversized which they use for gnawing and they also have cheekteeth which are generally used for chewing. They can chew on many different items and can result in severe damages in a household.

They are also known as rapid breeders who can breed throughout the year. The way in which their body is build, it is very easy for them to squeeze themselves and travel or live in spaces which might appear smaller for them.

Their rapid breeding nature means that the smallest of rat problem can quickly blow out of proportion. A rat can have 4-7 litters in a year and there can be 8-12 pups in one litter. This means that a female rat can give birth to 32 to 84 pups in a year.

Professional Rat Control in Vancouver and Abbotsford

Homeowners generally try several tricks, products, and methods to get rid of the rats on their property. However, when a property is a great source of food for them, it is very difficult to remove them. At the most, one can keep them away for a few days. While trying these remedies on their own, people forget the fact that they are actually wasting valuable time which the rats make great use of.

Starting with a few visits, they can colonize a property and before you even know it, your home is severely infested with the rodents. Thus, it is highly recommended that one should quickly get in touch with a professional rat control surrey services, like Mega Pest Control to get rid of the problem.

Mega Pest Control

We are a leading rat control white Rock services and have been in the industry for several years. Throughout the years, we have helped several property owners in Canada with their rat infestation problem. Our team is well-equipped with a variety of equipment and products which have proven to be highly effective. By combining these products and equipment with our skills and knowledge which we have gained over the years, we create a rat removal plan on the basis of the severity of infestation.

We offer guaranteed results and it is with this dedication to helping property owners with the rat menace that we have been able to create a remarkable reputation in the market. Apart from being highly effective, our services are highly affordable too, to ensure that everyone can have easy access to them. Be it a home, restaurant, office, shop, or agricultural land, we know how severe the rat problem can be and we assure you of eliminating this problem in the quickest, safest, and most effective manner.

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