Mole Control, How To Spot Them And Get Rid Of Them

If you have had a first-hand experience with mole infestation problem, you understand the extent of havoc that these destructive pests can bring about. What makes it even more severe is that these pests are usually active throughout an entire year. So, if you can’t withstand their adverse effects, you better act fast because, it will continue to pester you all year round.

There’s no better and most effective method of controlling and getting rid of moles for life than letting a professional pest veteran do what they do best. Using poisons or flooding their hideouts rarely bear positive results. That’s why we at Mega Pest Control are dedicated to offering professional Mole Control Service to the cities of Vancouver and Abbotsford in British Columbia.

Moles at a glance

Moles are often mistakenly classified as rodents, but they actually belong to the mammals’ class, of order Eulipotyphla together with shrews and hedgehogs. They are subterranean animals and can be found in the entire BC region as well as the entire country. They are mostly destructive due to their habit of digging tunnels underground that spoil gardens, yards and farms.

Identifying a mole

Moles have varying sizes, between 5 and 8 inches and are covered by either brown or gray fur. The most notable feature of moles is their large front feet equipped with claws to make it easier for them to dig. They also have stronger shoulders and broad necks that help them in excavation. Additionally, their snouts are long, have no outer ear and their eyes are very sensitive to light.

They can be found in different habitats such as grasslands, woodlands, farmlands, suburban and urban areas. They dig long complicated tunnels with pretty much ease, courtesy of their long claws. It’s easy to identify the entrances to the tunnels due to mounds of soil appearing above them, commonly referred to mole hills.

Damages caused

In general, they can be beneficial, but what makes them destructive is their tunneling habit. They can lead to damages on lawns, gardens, pastures as well as golf courses. They can also result to brown shades on grasses and vegetation cover. When handled by a person, they can also bite.

What we do at Mega Pest Control

We understand how these pests can be frustrating and how the different DIY’s you have tried out never gave you desired results apart from costing you a fortune. Our Mole Control Service offers a long lasting solution to the mole problem as we utilize the most appropriate and effective equipment and strategies with well-trained and qualified professionals.

Our experienced professionals are trained on the different mole habits as well as the different species to make it easier for them to identify and curb them. This, coupled with appropriate control facilities, we are able to identify the best approach to control different types of moles under different circumstances.

With the elusive nature of these pests, it can be very difficult and tedious for you to effectively curb them. For that reason, the process of controlling the moles is best left to our highly trained professionals. At Mega Pest Control, we possess appropriate knowledge, skills and equipment to combat your mole problem in a humane and efficient way.

Regardless of the extent of infestation, we have a long term experience in dealing with different infestation levels of moles in BC region. If an effective and virtually permanent solution is what you seek, all you need is a professional to take hold of the situation.  We have the necessary skills, equipment and experience to give you a long lasting solution to mole problem. At Mega Pest Control, we are only satisfied when you are.

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