Bald Faced Hornet Control, How To Spot Them And Get Rid Of Them

As the name suggests, Bald-faced hornets are not true hornets. They are a type of yellow jacket wasps with high level of animal sociality. And unlike other honeybees,Bald-faced hornets feed on other insects instead of feeding on the nectars of flowers. They are somewhat beneficial as they feed on other unwanted pests but they equally have the potential to be dangerous. Here at Mega Pest Control, we help you get rid of these wasps. But first, let’s know something about Bald-faced hornets.

Despite being one of the yellow jacket wasp species, Bald-faced hornets are completely different. They are easily distinguishable as their bodies have black and white coloring.

How dangerous are Bald-faced Hornets?
No animals are dangerous unless they are provoked. Likewise, if you tinker with the nests of Bald-faced Hornets, they will become extremely aggressive. Their bite is no worse than the other types of wasps. Moreover, they squirt venom into the eyes of the intruders as a defense. This can cause temporary blindness and extreme watering of eyes. This unique defense of Bald-faced hornets is harmful for the human being.

Where can Bald-faced Hornets be found?
Bald-faced hornets are commonly found in woody areas. They can be found in the gardens and the vegetation of the urban areas. You will find the nests of these wasps on buildings too.

You should always be aware of the fact that Bald-faced hornets are aggressively defensive, so they can cause serious harm to you. For remedy, it is always better to stay away from these creatures as much as possible. There are many ways of controlling and getting rid of Bald-faced hornets. We have explained some of our ways to help you. And if you still have any confusion, you can contact us.

What Mega Pest Control does

Mega Pest Control is at your service whenever you want. We assure you that we will help you get rid of Bald-faced Hornets. You can get all sorts of treatment based on your needs. We,at Mega Pest Control, strive to provide quality servicesat all times. Here are some treatments we provide to help you control the Bald-faced Hornets:

  1. First of all, we will acquaint you with the benefits of Bald-faced hornets and provide ideas on how to reduce their numbers.
  2. If you are really annoyed with the nests of these wasps, you can easily get a ‘queen trap’ from us. It’s a little more complicated trap. So if you have trouble using it, our specialists are there to help you.
  3. If you are thinking about getting rid of a few wasps, our specialists can help you in making a bucket trap and catching the wasps too.
  4. If you think that you want to get rid of the Bald-faced hornets real soon and real bad, you can use aerosol sprays. But remember, you always have to follow safety precautions before tinkering around these creatures, as they are very stingy. If you cannot do it on your own, you can always remember Mega Pest Control. Our highly trained professionals will do the work for you.
  5. After cleaning up, you need to get rid of the remaining binding materials too,since the remnants can attract other hornets in the near future. No worries as we can easily provide you the enzymatic cleaners to dissolve all the remnants.

Besides, if you have trouble regarding any insects or pests, you can always remember Mega Pest Control. Our specialists are always there to serve you and our ultimate goal is your satisfaction.

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