Mouse Control in Surrey

For many, it would be a horrible thing to see a mouse/rat in their room or somewhere in the house. You can see them going anywhere like in the kitchen, approaching clean places of food such as dinner table, etc, it is never a pleasant experience. The other thing to worry about is their toxic effect on the environment. A place with mouse/rats will never be considered a safe one, especially if you have little kids in your house. We have even heard about recent cases, where rats bite little kids etc. It is another dangerous sign that the presence of mouse/rats is going to be troublesome in so many ways. It is important to know that once rats have managed to sneak into your house, it is very difficult to get them out. They are not easy to get rid of.

If you are living in Surrey and sick of rats in your house, office, or around your living area, then immediately give us a call at our number 604-786-4161 so that we can get you out of trouble. It is vital for you to understand a few points to keep in mind with regard to mouse/rats. First of all, you have to spot them. You have to look around your house, especially your entry and exit points. You have to ensure that there are not enough gaps for rats to sneak into your building. You have to ensure that all entry points, doors, and windows have no gaps. If there is any gap more than 1cm, then a mouse can easily get into your building. Moreover, if you have done any repair in your house such as the roof has been repaired or re-roofed, then you may see some gaps between shingles, panels, and soffits in your roof. The other thing to get confirmed that any mouse/rat is around in your house is to look for any droppings, burrows, any tracks or sounds. Sound will always be an easy one to spot a mouse, because they always run around, and make noises. In addition to that, you may see some electrical wires chewed, and then stay alert because rats like to chew these electrical wires.

Once you are sure of the presence of a mouse/rat, or if you have seen it somewhere around the building and you are resident of Surrey, then it is time to take action. The immediate action is needed because you may have to deal with various health concerns if a rat/mouse is in the house. So, give us a chance to serve you in this regard. We are working in this field for years, and now we are serving the people of Surrey so that you guys can enjoy a pest-free and rodent free life. If a mouse is spotted in your house, then you will need our help to remove them, because they are not easy to get removed from the house. Our team may have to come for multiple visits to clean the area with complete satisfaction. We have professional staff, who has the skills and capability to effectively do their job. Our team will also inspect your house for free, and give you a recommended quotation for the next course of action.

Mega Pest Control will help you with Mouse Control in Surrey, but if you are resident of Surrey, you must keep few other points in mind as well so that you can protect your house and office from these mouse/rats.

  • First of all, make every possible effort to stop them from getting in, as it is the best thing to avoid them
  • Make sure that your house doors are properly maintained, as well as the door of the garage is touching the ground and there is not space even of 1cm
  • Food is the most attractive thing for mouse/rats, so if your kitchen will not be clean, and if food materials will not be properly used, and food waste is not properly dumped, then expect an entry of the mouse/rat, because they love to live around such places. So, keep your kitchen area clean and dump the waste outside properly.
  • It is important to make sure that your garden and yard are also clean. You can grow mint leaves in your house. Research has proved that the smell of mint and other herbal pants is hated by mouse/rats, so if you would grow mint, it will help you to keep mouse/rats away from your area.


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