How dangerous are Pavement Ants – Your complete ants control Surrey guide

Unlike carpenter ants, pavement ants are docile, do not cause structural damage or bite unnecessarily. The only sting as a defense and rarely do they harm humans. If that is the case, why do we need to exterminate pavement ants? Could we simply not coexist in harmony with the pavement ants? Why should we take steps for ants control in Surrey?

Found under building slabs, large walks or sidewalks, Pavement ants leave small piles of soil or sand near cracks and eat sweets, dead insects, and small seeds. They typically swarm in the spring but can do so anytime if they are present within a heated structure.

Imagine you have left a piece of toast on a clean countertop and had to attend an urgent call. You return to the kitchen to find black ants teeming the piece. How repulsive it would be to find pests in an otherwise clean kitchen! This is the reason that you need to take steps to for ants control in the Surrey area as they tend to multiply if left unchecked.

Health Concerns

In their search for food, ants trek far to reach their destination. They leave pheromone trails for other ants to follow before attacking the food as a group. They make their way through cracks, basements, sewers, drain-pipes or rotting garbage and pick up a handful of bacteria along the way. This might even be E. coli, which is fatal to humans.

Rarely aggressive, these ants can bite and sting on disturbing their nests. It can cause allergic reactions in sensitive people. What if you have a child at your home who is curious about the tiny black crawlies? They could put it inside their mouth where the ants might sting or go inside the ear canal and cause undue irritation and discomfort for which you may never know the reason!

This is the reason it is important to hire professionals for ants control in Surrey and not take the issue into one’s own hands. Mega Pest Control tackles the root cause of the ant invasion and exterminates all the ants from your home with no way for return.

Some tips for ants control in Surrey

  1. No food particles lying around – Check the exterior and the interior of your house regularly and ensure that no food particles are lying around
  2. Say no to garbage – Many people have noted that once they closed their garbage cans thoroughly and cleaned up the trash lying on their lawns, they found it easier for ants control in Surrey. Keep the smells in the bins and the ants out of your home
  3. Check the cracks – Examine your house thoroughly and seal up all the cracks so that there is no way for the ants to enter your home.
  4. Caulk it up – Use a caulking gun to cut off any possible entryways for ants completely.
  5. Know when it is time to call a professional – It might be disheartening to see that several home-made remedies might not be working for the ants at your home. Do not fret and call the professionals. The infestation at your house might be too severe and the colony might be well-established for the home-remedies to work. As the best professionals for ants control in Surrey, many houses are now pest-free due to Mega Pest Control. We do not like to brag but the long years and many customers have proven that we provide one of the best solutions for ants control in the Surrey


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