Expert Advice on Pest Extermination at Coquitlam

Be it any season, Coquitlam has to deal with the problem of pests attacking homes and offices. We have had enough with these awful creatures. Pests not only menace and destroy the common household but also carry numerous infections and diseases causing a great threat to our well being. Mega pest control services in Coquitlam are dedicated to providing exceptional pest extermination services and are serving their best to the society.

Here is a list of a few pests who frequently visit our homes.

  • Carpenter ants: Carpenter ants love wood and dwell in wooded areas. They nest upon the wood and like the dampness to chill out. Contrary to the belief, they do not consume wood but collect wood pieces and chunks to build homes and hideouts. Sawdust, damaged old furniture, hollowed wood, are few signs of ant infestation.
  • Bedbugs: Synonymous with their names, bedbugs foster on beddings, mattresses, suitcases, old furniture, and the list goes on. These are six-legged creepy insects whose bites leave reddish marks on your skin for days together. If left unattended, the removal of bedbugs could be a challenge.
  • Mice: Mice are animal pests that are infamous for causing great damage to buildings and household structures. They feed on eatables and are vectors of various diseases. Installing manual traps is one way to deter them from homes and offices.
  • Wasps: Wasps are flying insects whose sting is painful and dangerous. Some of the wasp species attack furniture and tarnish wooden structures. Controlling them is again exhausting and humiliating.
  • Mosquitoes: Most of the dangerous epidemics are spread through mosquitoes. They are annoying flying insects and terrible blood-suckers. Mostly repellants work well in controlling them. It is better to use herbal repellant sprays which are harmless and chemical-free.
  • Cockroaches: Cockroaches make our lives miserable. They can crawl and fly, and are attracted to filth and dirt. They spread a lot of diseases and breed very fast. Their hideouts include cracks and crevices of the walls, wood furniture, gathered old clutter and junk.

These are only a few among numerous other pests found in Coquitlam. Some pests attack and rule during the winter while others terrorize during the summer or spring. There are also a few pests that visit our homes during all seasons. You need a foolproof way to get rid of these eerie beings out of your homes, offices, and gardens. Mega pest control services offer top-class pest extermination strategies and pride ourselves with a huge count of happy customers. We are recognized by the government and use products which are eco-friendly and harmless.

The first and foremost step towards pest extermination is prevention. The use of certain organic plants around your living place could do wonders. Regular inspection by experts in the field is also another great idea to prevent pest invasions. Maintaining good hygiene should never be ignored in this process. The majority of the pests stay away from clean homes and offices. Safeguard your homes with copper mesh or nets. Installing these barriers restrict the flying pests from entering the living areas of the house.

There is no happy feeling than relaxing at home without any uninvited wild guests (the pests) creeping around. We, at Mega pest control promise, to restore your golden moments of privacy in life within the shortest possible timeframe. We will also make sure these pests don’t find their way back to your homes in the future as well.

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