MEGA PEST CONTROL in Greater Vancouver Area

How dangerous are Pavement Ants – Your complete ants control Surrey guide

Unlike carpenter ants, pavement ants are docile, do not cause structural damage or bite unnecessarily. The only sting as a defense and rarely do they harm humans. If that is the case, why do we need to exterminate pavement ants? Could we simply not coexist in harmony with the pavement ants? Why should we take […]

Mice Removal Surrey – Tips to prevent pest nuisance

Infamous as the “rattiest city”, Surrey is a fast-growing city of BC and a potential destination for mice and other pests to spread their menace. Here’s a quick glance at how mice removal in Surrey homes and businesses can become less daunting. How to make your home mice-proof? One of the first steps towards mice […]

The Significance of Pest Control at Langley

Kind attention to all property owners at Langley! If you’re reading this, there is no need to vex yourself anymore with pests and insects living in and around your habitat. Once you are aware of the ABCs of pest control and its importance, you can start counting your blessings. It won’t be as bothersome as […]

Ants Control Abbotsford – Why need a professional?

Ants can make your house look creepy. You might be wonderstruck if I tell you there are over 1000 species of ants in the United States, and Abbotsford is not spared from their rule. Some of the many types of ants include, Carpenter ants Argentine ants Crazy ants Fire ants Ghost ants Pavement ants Pharaoh […]

Bed bug Control Langley – Managing the menace

The recent increase in bed bug infestations in the US has disturbed the everyday life of its residents. It is important to become aware of certain prevention, surveillance, and control mechanisms that would curb the bed bug control Langley issues to a great extent. According to local health departments, bed bug infestations are widespread in […]

Rat Control Langley- How to tackle mice problems

Apart from being called the “Community of Communities”, Langley is also home to communities of rats and mice. Rat control Langley is an age-old problem and is on the rise year over year. Is there any permanent solution to this herculean issue? How can anyone survive to lead a peaceful life where the rats and […]

4 Convincing Reasons to Invest in Pest Control Langley

Property management isn’t as easy as it seems! When you invest in a property, it comes with additional stress of maintenance. However, there are property owners who are earning big bucks by investing in houses and commercial spaces. This is because they are smart enough to hire the right professionals to maintain the property! Speaking […]

Expert Advice on Pest Extermination at Coquitlam

Be it any season, Coquitlam has to deal with the problem of pests attacking homes and offices. We have had enough with these awful creatures. Pests not only menace and destroy the common household but also carry numerous infections and diseases causing a great threat to our well being. Mega pest control services in Coquitlam are […]

Affordable Wasp Control Abbotsford Area

Majority of us have seen a wasp flying around. Wasps are tiny insects with yellow wings that are mostly attracted to greener areas as they seem to be great nature lovers. For this reason, Abbotsford is one of the prime locations where these wasps can be found in great numbers, which is why wasp control […]

Best Professional Wasp Control Services

Wasps sting. They sting as if they are on a revenge mission. They sting with a certain degree of accuracy; you would think they are trained to sting. Unfortunately, many have no effective strategies for getting rid of these insects. If you are facing such a problem, you need professional assistance. Efforts to deal with […]