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Wasps sting. They sting as if they are on a revenge mission. They sting with a certain degree of accuracy; you would think they are trained to sting. Unfortunately, many have no effective strategies for getting rid of these insects. If you are facing such a problem, you need professional assistance.

Efforts to deal with wasps must begin with an understanding of types, behaviors and benefits of wasps. It is most likely that your negative attitude towards wasps was formed after interacting with patristic wasps, digger wasps, hunting wasps and mad daubers. At Mega Pest Control we understand wasps sufficiently to deal with them.

Our aim is not to kill all wasps but to control them. We know that wasps benefit the environment, especially through pollination. There are some varieties of figs that are only pollinated by wasps. Similarly, wasps are critical in carrying yeast to grapes, thus making it possible for human beings to enjoy wine. Others, like the hornet wasps, feed on other harmful insects, sparing us more agony.

Our services are aimed at getting rid of pests from your house while ensuring these insects remain in the ecosystem for the good of nature and all of us. We focus on the nests these insects build under your ceiling, walls, lawns, eaves, backyards and other places in your residences or business premises.

We are a professional wasp control service, and we have the experience to remove these nests from your property. In most cases, wasps do not sting you because they are hostile by nature. The key reason is that you have invaded what they consider their territory even if that space is right inside your living room.

Some who have tried hitting wasps with all manner of flat objects or nets have met with the most painful stings they have ever received. s. The good news is that with Mega Pest Control you don’t have to live in dread of wasps. We have a long-lasting solution.

This is what you need to do. If wasps have built those muddy, ugly nests in or outside your house, do not disturb them. Give us a call. Once we arrive, we will study the wasps and their nests. This will reveal the type of wasp we are dealing with and how to repel them from your premises.

Our technical staff is well trained. You don’t need to fear that the wasps will sting you when they are being eradicated. We use a combination of natural and artificial methods. However, whichever approach we take, our professional wasp control service will have no side effects on any of the occupants of your premises.

We also educate you on what to do to ensure wasps don’t come to your house in the first place. Wasps choose their nesting places carefully and knowing how to avert this scenario is important. While we know this information will help you to deal with the menace without our assistance in future, we are happy to have even happier customers. We also know you may want our services in future when dealing with another vermin-related problem.

Now you know it. Mega Pest Control is your best bet for controlling wasps so that they get out of your premises but remain active in nature. Our services are pocket-friendly and customized. We will give you value for your money. In fact, you will find it hard not to recommend us to your neighbors, friends and relatives.

Our lines are open always. Call us today and say ‘goodbye’ to wasp stings.

For more information please call:  604-866-8616 or 1 (888) 688-1048


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