Being In The Know About Bed Bug Problem

If you have been looking for pest control experts to help you out when it comes to getting rid of the bed bug problems in Surrey, Mega Pest Control assures you nothing but the best quality and effective services that will make you wish you had contacted us earlier. Fortunately, it’s not too late for you to reach out to us because we are always there to help our customers 24/7 out of the mess pests put them in.

Our professional team will devote themselves to make sure you get a high-quality service to deal with all possible forms of the bed bug problem in Surrey, we assure you this won’t be by just spraying chemicals that can harm you and your family, but we’ll be making use of sophisticated pest control technologies.

These parasitic insects are capable of making their home in homes and business places. Female bed bugs are capable of depositing about 1-5 eggs daily, and if the bug lives long enough; she can lay hundreds of eggs in a lifetime. Newly hatched bed bugs begin to feed instantly as well, and they shed their skin (scientifically referred to as “molting”) four to five times in a day before they transition into adults.  If they can get adequate food supply and the room temperature stays normal, they can live for up to 300 days.

Sometimes, bed bugs are referred to as “red coats,” “mahogany flats” or “chinches.” When the infestation begins, there is a high chance that you’ll find the bed bugs in seams, tufts, bed covers, and fold of mattresses. If a situation whereby the infestation is heavy, crevices in the bedframes are excellent hiding places for them.

Why you should hire our company when you need up-to-date remedies for bed bug problem in Surrey:

  • Our professional technicians will detect the specific species of the pest giving you problems in your home or office, be rest assured that these technicians have years of experience when it comes to controlling pests and preventing them from ever thinking of invading your home again IF they are fortunate to alive.
  • After identifying the species, they will then carry out a thorough inspection of the causes of the pest and how much they’ve invaded your home as soon as possible.
  • Our technicians have undergone special training on pest control which makes the services they provide outstanding and long-lasting. Also, they have a certificate to apply all or any of the most effective pest control substances or technology which are allowed under pesticide usage regulations, in case the situation requires uses of any.
  • These experts can confidently administer the most feasible technique for making your pest problems go away.
  • We’ll make use of techniques that won’t expose you, your family, your pets or even your neighbors to any form of health risks. That’s just one of the ways to prove how much we care about the well-being of our clients.
  • We won’t just help you get the bed bugs out then leave you hanging, no! Our experts will give you advice on how to avoid such a pest problem from arising so you won’t have to call us again, not until a very long time if need be.

When we carry out effective pest control techniques in your homes or business places making it pest-free and safe for you again, but you fail to make efforts towards maintaining this achievement; sadly, that won’t be speaking well of our company. Hence, when we help our clients deal with bed bug problems in Surrey, or anywhere else we work, we always try to remind our customers of how important it is to initiate good prevention activities.

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