Ants Control Surrey Neighbourhood

Thanks to the wet climate in the Surrey area, ants feel right at home in this part of Canada. Wet climate ensures dead organisms, insects, and wet wood in plenty, just what the carpenter ants relish. The residents of Surrey are particularly faced with infestations by carpenter ants that take to tree stumps and rotting logs in your garden like a moth to a flame. This is why the issue of ants control Surrey should not be taken lightly and should call for professional help to eradicate these harmful ants.

Ant Biology

A single ant nest can house 300,000 ant workers. Yes, that’s scary, isn’t it? And what’s worse is that if you disturb these ants knowingly or unknowingly, these nests can multiply into more colonies. Ants are not mere house invaders, they are always on the lookout for food and water in your homes so they can live and populate. Once they find food, the worker ants signal the entire colony to join them and make a nest.

There are over 100 different species of ants that can be found in Canada. Ants control the Surrey area is under the assault of many of these pests. Some of the species like the carpenter ants and fire ants are considered as pests because they are really that deadly. Carpenter ants can live from 3 to 7 years and their colonies range in size from 3,000 workers to 25,000 workers. Another type is the European fire ants which are so aggressive that they can sting you very badly when disturbed. Their stings can cause rashes, swellings, or in the worst cases, an infection.

A few of the other ant species include the pavement ants and the pharaoh ants. These ants forage into your homes for food and shelter. They build their nests in the walls of your home and they can be extremely difficult to remove. Warm weather is needed for them to survive and multiply, so they prefer to remain indoors in well-heated buildings.

Ant Removal

To get rid of an ant infestation you need to identify the type of ant that has caused you the trouble. For this, you need the services of a professional service company like Mega Pest Control. After all, it can be very dangerous to try and eliminate these ants on your own without knowing what you are up against. You could end up getting severely stung or develop a rash. The issue of ants controls Surrey needs professionals who can understand the type of ants they are dealing with, their habitats, their habits, how deadly they can be, and other such requirements.  

The basic ant control measures that you can take on your own include making sure that you keep your home clean at all times. Coffee stains, food spills, or uncovered garbage bins, all these are very appealing for the ants. So make sure that you keep your garbage bins sealed and that you clean any food debris in the kitchen area. Ensure that your gutters are cleaned regularly to prevent overflow. See to it that there are no trees touching your building or any logs in your garden that are just getting damp and wasted.

Ants Extermination Services

Mega Pest Control offers industrial, residential, and commercial pest control and extermination services. Ants control the Surrey area is our specialty. We start by thoroughly checking the affected space of your home or workspace to fully understand what we are dealing with. Our experts have deep knowledge developed over the years of dealing with multiple pest infestations and have successfully handled such extermination services for many of our clients.

We can help you get rid of your ant infestation problem completely. As part of our ant control services, we also ensure that once we have finished the extermination treatment, the ants do not return to your property.

If your property is infested by ants, call us today at 604-866-8616  and we promise to make the ants march right out of your space. You can also email us at for any inquiries.


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