Affordable Wasp Control Abbotsford Area

Majority of us have seen a wasp flying around. Wasps are tiny insects with yellow wings that are mostly attracted to greener areas as they seem to be great nature lovers. For this reason, Abbotsford is one of the prime locations where these wasps can be found in great numbers, which is why wasp control Abbotsford area requires professional pest control services.

The colours of these wasps range from black to blues and metallic greens. Of course, when we spot a wasp that’s probably not what we think about because the first thing that hits our mind is to run for our lives, away from its deadly sting. Yes, a wasp’s sting can be really painful and there can be nothing worse than to get caught up amidst a colony of angry wasps. You should treat their presence as a sign to call up a professional expert like Mega Pest Control.

Characteristics of Wasps

Most of the wasp species have a pinched waist and two pairs of wings. Their sizes can vary from almost microscopic to as long as seven centimetres. Unlike honey bees, wasps can actually sting you multiple times which makes them more fearsome. Flower and plant life can attract them to your homes. So if you have a nice garden, chances are, it may attract a lot of wasps. The garden area is also well-known to house many other insects and spiders on which the wasps can feed.

Wasps can either be solitary or social. Solitary wasps, as the name suggests, live alone and are not a part of any colonies. This in no way makes them any less of an issue as one wasp is enough to lay its eggs in your home and leave them to hatch. In fact, some of the wasps are even parasitic. They lay their eggs in the nest of another insect after which the wasp larvae kill the host. On the other hand, the social wasps live in colonies which can comprise of thousands and thousands of wasps.

A common character trait that can be observed in wasps is that they don’t like to be disturbed. This is why they make their nests in places that are not easily accessible. This means areas like roof peaks, attics, garages, and rafters become their favourite nesting spot. This just makes it almost impossible for a common man to try and get rid of them. Moreover, trying to get rid of a wasp infestation on your own can prove to be disastrous. Bring in the experts from Mega Pest Control for wasp control Abbotsford area and say goodbye to wasp infestation.

Getting Rid of Wasp Infestation

Wasp control should be done at a very early stage before they can populate and increase in numbers. These insects may look tiny but they have the potential of attacking in large numbers and causing some serious damage if they are even in the slightest way attacked or disturbed. They can get more aggressive if you haven’t planned a strategy in advance to eradicating them smartly. Wasp control Abbotsford should not be attempted by someone without the right gear and training.

Mega Pest Control has specially trained experts who can rid your space of these deadly wasps. Wasp control Abbotsford area is our speciality. Our pest experts value your safety and can customise your wasp control plan with the utmost care. We have got your back in the fight against wasps.

Our experts understand the behaviour, diet and habitat of wasps and can enlighten the homeowners with this information so they can be aware. From traps, physical removals to insecticidal control we cover every wasp control method to make your home a safe place for you and your family.

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